Developing Pushkin as a model ecocity for Russia

Ecocity is a city that develops by EcoSanaClub formula.


Environmentally and economically prosperous city, that improves health of the residents and has favorable environment in society (without any social tensions or conflicts).

The city of Pushkin and the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg have the potential and active civil society to become a show-room of urban sustainable development for small and medium-sized cities of Russia.

Ecograd-Pushkin project in time

As Public Council we promote and try to secure that town Pushkin is developed according to sustainability principles. We try to educate society and decision makers as well as enable efficient communication between different stakeholders and spur actions.

In our activities we are guided by UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We consider our actions, publications and projects with respect to one or several Goals. By doing that, we aim to show how local initiatives and simple at first glance actions can contribute to the realization of global goals.

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Mostly we focus on 11 and 17 SDGs. However, urban development influence many other Sustainable Development Goals as well and we try to show these patterns as well.

Directions of our work under "Sustainable cities and communities" were specified with regard to years of experience of ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability global network.

After lengthy discussions, we focused on the 10 urban development agendas adopted in the Basque Declaration 2016. It was the Declaration in 2016 that became a symbiosis of the 17 SDGs and the experience of sustainable urban development that is relevant to EU conditions. 

Декларция Басков и 17 ЦУР ООН

EcoSanaClub formula is our communication tool to spread SDGs values to the public.

It was invented by Valery Vakulenko, chairman of the Council, about 20 years ago, before SDGs were established.

EcoSanaClub engage people into SDGs actions through the core values of every human: good environment, strong health and positive social environment. 

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Greenfield land and natural space
Local economies and employment


Water resources and air quality
Climate change adaptation


Urban Mobility
Public space
Social inclusion and integration