How to develop our cities, maintaining healthy environment for human health and well-being?


We strive to make town Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) and the Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg:


​- Environmentally and economically prosperous (Eco)

- Salutary for citizens (Sana)

- Favorable social environment (Club)

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Development lead by EcoSanaClub (ESC) formula provides prosperous healthy life.

EcoSanaClub is acombination of three fundamental aspects of human habitat, affecting the quality of life:

Eco - quality of local Nature & Economiс environment

Sana - salutary effects and influence on human health

Club - comfortable social environment

EcoSanaClub Prescription has roots in personal and professional experience in field of ecodevelopment.

Concept creator, Valery Vakulenko, implements projects using formula ESC of different scale: from individual house to sustainable development of a town.

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EcoSanaClub interpretes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) UN (2015) into easy-to-understand level for person with any background. Three main values adopts to everyone lifes.

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Ecograd-Pushkin project, aimed at sustainable development of cities and communities, appeals to experience of ICLEI «Local Government for Sustainability»

Working areas are highlighted according to 10 Local Agendas set by Basque Declaration in 2016.

Декларция Басков и 17 ЦУР ООН

EcoSanaClub mission explain and promote global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) UN, promote simply put SDGs to attrack local communities to act. #Act4SDGs

Global goals have local solutions!


Why is EcoSanaClub project important?

The quality of human habitat, nature, decreases with acceleration. This is one of the major global problem of our time. Since environment is degrading, human health suffers.


Keep yourself healthy is in the interests of everyone. In the new century, the main task of mankind is self-preservation, the survival of man as a biological species. To solve it, a change in the development paradigm at each level is required: family life, urban development, intercontinental relations and at the planetary level in general.​

One of the conditions for survival is having a good health (Sana). Favorable natural environment and a well-built economy (Eco), harmonious relations between people, that is, the absence of social tension and the threat of conflict (Club), prevent many diseases and enable longevity.