Public Council for Sustainable Prosperous Development of the Pushkin District

2012 год
2012 год

19.09.2012 Первое собрание инициативной группы по экологизации Пушкина

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2012 год
2012 год

03 октября 2012 Второе собрание инициативной группы по экологизации Пушкина

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2016 год
2016 год

15 марта 2016 года Одно из заседаний Пушкинского Совета

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2012 год
2012 год

19.09.2012 Первое собрание инициативной группы по экологизации Пушкина

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The Public Council for Sustainable Prosperous Development of the Pushkin is an informal association of citizens of the Pushkinsky district who are not indifferent to their surroundings. 

Main objective is to contribute to the sustainable prosperous environmental, economic, and socio-cultural development of the Pushkin District in the interests of both current and future generations of residents and guests of the district, St. Petersburg and Russia. In other words - to promote the transformation of the town Pushkin into the model Ekograd.


The chairman of the Council - Valery Mikhailovich Vakulenko

President of Innovative Centre of Eco-development ECOESTATE

Member of the board of Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC)

Founder of the EcoDevelopment Committee in Russian Guild of Managers and Developers

PhD in Economics

International Delphic Council

Corresponding member in International Academy of Education and Science

First Board Members

Afanasenko Vicktor Ivanovich, former Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk, Ph.D.

Bogolubova Tatiana Vadimovna, Deputy Head of Administration, Pushkin District

Nikiforov Yuri Parfenovich, honorary resident of Pushkin, who served as mayor of Pushkin in the 90s

Pavlov Dmitry Genadievich, developer in Pushkinsky district

Archpriest Gennady Zverev, rector of St. Sophia Cathedral in Pushkin

The Council spur dialogue and cooperation between various parties who has interests and influence on the development of the Pushkin District. First of all, it is the government, business, public organizations and residents of the area.

The Council try to enable effective communication, find optimal solutions and coordinate activities for sustainable development of the area.

Priority tasks for sustainable development of the area:

Among the multitude of sustainable development objectives, the Council focuses on 5, keeping balance on importance and feasibility:


1. Control for the development of new territories in order to prevent violations of eco-development principles and environmental degradation. For example the Council’s examined and gave recomendations to the development project of the satellite city Yuzhny.

2. The development of environmentally friendly transport network, ensuring prevalence of public transport, as well as walkways and bicycle lanes, for which in Pushkin district there are unique natural conditions.

3. Introduction of source separated waste management in the district and developemnt of recycling industry.

4. Efficient usage of energy and other resouorces to save state and family budgets and improve health and the environment.

5. Promotion of responsible consumption.

Some of our achievements

Bringing people together

In 2012, the citizens united in the Pushkin Green Initiative Group. Together they developed guidelines for the organization of walking and cycling routes around the Pushkin District.

Later the group evolved into the Center for Environmental Development at the Pushkin and Pavlovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Working with VTT

In 2012, the largest research center of Finland VTT got interested in the project of integrated eco-Development of a small Russian town.

Together with VTT experts in the field of territorial eco-development Pushkin prepared a plan to create a scientifically based model for the successful implementation of the project.

Conferences on Sustainable Development of Pushkinsky district

Since 2013 the group of activists organizes scientific and practical conferences on the sustainable prosperous development of the Pushkin District, holds meetings of working groups, seminars and round tables.

Public Council

In 2015 the Center was reorganized into the Public Council on Sustainable Development of Pushkin District of St. Petersburg.

The Council became a platform for finding solutions, forming common approaches and reinforcing the efforts of government, business and civil society.

Public speeches

During 2016 the Chairman of the Pushkin Council Valery Vakulenko, presented the concept of Ekograd-Pushkin at different events, for example the III All-Russian Forum of Living Cities. The title of the speech was “How to create the most beautiful and prosperous city of Russia and keep it (for example Tsarskoye Selo - Pushkin, Pavlovsk)”.

Partnership with Finland

Mayor of Lappeeeranta Kimo Järve and Shirokov Peter Ivanovich, Advisor to the Head of the Administration of Pushkin District negotiated cooperation strategies between Lappeeranta and Pushkinsky District. Chairman of the Public Council assisted in organisation of the seminar "Business and investment in Finland. Sustainable development of green technologies" to enable this meeting (Dec2016) .

Letter to the President

In January 2017 Pushkinsky Council sent a letter to Russian President Putin V.V. "On the creation on the basis of Pushkin model eco-city for other Russian small and medium cities".

Agreement with Cleantech Cluster

In March 2017, the Public Council  signed a Cooperation Agreement with the International Consortium " St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the Urban Environment ".